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Compress and resize photos online
Resize, compress and optimize your image files online !!!
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    Reset is the image optimizer faster and easier. With this tool, you can compress an image by reducing its size on disk and adding some interesting effects. Enter the image (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG) and get a result with different quality levels. Of course the service is free and has no limit !!!
Resize size: If you need to resize the image must also enter the size in pixels.
Blur: You can select various levels so that your image fuzzy.
Rotate: If you need to turn your original image select 90-180-270 degrees.
Effects JPG: You can invert the colors of your image, grayscale view or add a chalk effect.
Output Format: You can export your image from one format to another.

By Xavi

Sismaq Calendario 2013